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Bild frn 50-rsdagenHi there, and welcome to my little spot at the Web. My name is Sven-Bertil Grahn. Im born the 24th of March 1966 - so far Im only "old-man-light" *smiling*

I've been blessed with two wonderful kids, Cory and Elias. After a hurtful divorce in 2010 with their mother, I was single for a couple of years, but I'm so glad that I have found love again. Me and Ulrika married in 2017. We are living in Ume in the northern part of Sweden. Im a minister in the Swedish Lutheran Church and I really love to serve the Lord.

In my opinion life is the most important gift we have received and that we therefore have to put our lives to good use. My life is a mix between serious and humourous stuff and Im sure that we all need both sides.



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