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My family    

I was married to Magdalena for ten years before we split up. Many of those years were full of struggle. We have two kids: Cory, born in 2001 and Elias born in 2006. They are my everything.

In autumn 2015 I met Ulrika and we fell in love. We are now married and I'm luckier than ever! :-)


My job    

I'm a minister in the Lutheran Church in Sweden and since August 2016 I'm serving in Umeå.

I know that my deepest mission in this world, both as a preacher and a human being, is to live the inner joy the Lord has blessed me with. In my life, in services, when I talk to other people, through song, music and humour I wish to serve the Lord and show that the salvation through Jesus Christ is the well of true happiness.

Backens kyrka

The Church of Backen, Umeå


My interests    

Well, this isn't everything, but some of my biggest interests are:

I just love music. I listen to all kind of music and I have tried a bit myself too. Unfortunately there is no space in my schedule right now, but I live on some great memories.

I have sung in many choirs through the years, mostly gospelchoirs.  I love gospel!! It's a perfect way for me to live my inner joy. Many of the most joyful moments in my life is in a gospelchoir!

I have participated in these two CD's: Gospel Unit and Malå Gospel.

For a couple of years me and some colleges had a rockband called Preach Boys. It was a great experience and joy to stand on the stage and spread the gospel in that special kind of way. Unfortunately we had to unplug the guitars due to lack of time.

If you are interested you can download a video from Solid Rock Festival 2001 - thank you Andreas Sundström!!.(You will need DivX or other mpeg4-decoder. You can find it for example here:

Oh, I almost forgot a song I recorded in 1999. It's Ten Sharp's hit "You". If you want to listen, it's available in a mp3-format. Gustaf Lundell is playing the piano. 

Last (and least!) I dare to mention the sadly forgotten "n-tch-n-tch-duo" D-fence and our hit "Standing On Solid Ground". 

Yet, another big interest is sports. My physical qualifications are, unfortunately, not that good, so I haven't been able to perform as great as I could wish, but I'm in the national team in the TV-sofa. I love watching soccer, icehockey, speedway,  biathlon, crosscountry skiing, track and fields and so on. When I have to do a little exercise myself I prefer my bike or just a silly walk (thank you Monty Python!)

I like genealogy too. It's so fascinating to discover my roots. I don't care if my ancestors were nothing more than farmers. I'm so proud of them anyway!

I wish I could have more opportunities and time to do something I use to call "Spexfree". That is to see the humour everyday and to perform it in stand-up comedy, farse or something like that. I think that with humour you will have many truths said.


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